Wednesday, January 19, 2005


On Saturday morning I parked my car outside a small station near my boyfriend's house. I could have parked it at his house and walked but the most direct route was muddy and I was a bit pushed for time any way.

We returned in the early evening to find that someone had climbed on to my car and smashed my windscreen. They did not get into the car but I don't think that was their intention. I think they were only their to inflict damage. They got at another car nearby in a similar way.

They left the windscreen completely smashed, muddy footprints all over the bonnett of the car and small shards of glass all over the interior of the car and mixed in with the mud on the bonnett so that treading on it further caused them to scratch the paint.

The British Transport Police were great and took pictures of the footprints. There may be some video footage from the station security cameras and, if the miscreants are already known (it is possible), they can be identified from the video and the footprints.

I had to take a day off work to get someone to replace the windscreen and clean out all the glass. Even though most of the cost of the windscreen was on my insurance, the whole sorry episode cost me £161. Okay, my car has never been so clean but I could really have spent that money on something else.

I would never lay a finger on someone else's property like that. What are these people thinking?

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