Thursday, October 04, 2012

Points of note for tourists in Covent Garden 

  1. Covent Garden is lovely, isn't it?
  2. Some parts of it are pedestrianised. That's really good of the authorities, isn't it? It means you don't have to worry about cars and things and you can just mill around without a care on the world.
  3. Some parts aren't pedestrianised. These are the parts that have cars, taxis and, oh I don't know, bicycles on them. It usually is a good idea to pay attention to traffic as vehicles can't always stop at the drop of a hat.
  4. It isn't a good idea to launch yourself and the suitcase you want to load into that taxi into the road without looking.
  5. It also is a good idea if you're standing by the taxi to not go running across to the man with the suitcase without looking.
  6. Cyclists wearing bright orange clothing, riding bikes with flashing white lights on the front do so to be seen safely. It isn't a fashion statement.
  7. The phrase "thanks for looking, everyone" is an Old English greeting uttered by cyclists with bright orange jackets and flashing lights. It roughly translates into modern English as "you are f***ing idiots".

Originally posted as my Facebook status 03/11/2012.

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