Thursday, December 15, 2005


My reaction to Christmas is usually "Bah, humbug!" but because I've been on the company entertainments committee helping to plan yesterday's extravaganza, I've been a bit more Christmassy a bit earlier than usual. I even put up my Christmas tree last Sunday!

Yesterday was brilliant! We organised a buffet lunch with crackers and small presents. Of course, someone had to be Santa to hand the presents out. That, for some reason, had to be me. I was dreading it but had a marvelous time. I didn't dress up in the full Santa outfit, just a red and white theme topped with a Santa hat and a fake white beard - see the left photo. I have a beard of my own but it isn't really white enough despite the odd white hair here and there.

After that we went to a matinee performance of The Producers. That was great fun and I think we all enjoyed it. Finally, we rounded it all off with the traditional company Christmas meal at a restaurant where I got a little drunker than I should have. I didn't do anything embarrassing and I remember everything but I didn't look too good as the other photo will tell you.

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Blood pressure 

It turns out my blood pressure is okay. When I went back a week later, it was 122/82 and my cholesterol level was 4.2, which is lower than I think it was when I had it taken years ago after my Dad's first heart attack.

I'm still trying to watch what I eat although it's difficult especially at this time of year. I was a couple of pounds below 14 stone at the end of the healthy-eating month and now I'm back to a couple of pounds over. Mind you, it was the company Christmas dinner yesterday.

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