Friday, October 28, 2005


A few weeks ago, I thought I'd go along to my GP to see if I could get some sort of assessment of what percentage of me is fat. My previous gym used to do that but my current one doesn't. It turned out that the surgery didn't measure body-fat but took my blood-pressure instead.

It was 150 / 104. Not good. And I'm overweight. Quelle surprise.

So, I was given a diet sheet and I have been eating healthily for the last three weeks. Nothing has been fried. I have been looking at the percentage of fat and salt on EVERYTHING. I have eaten more salads than I ever have before. More fruit. Ryveta. Rice cakes.

Strangely, I've been really enjoying what I've been eating. Last night, for instance, I cooked up some chicken in a little water, added mushrooms, celery, tomato, avocado and spring onions. Dead simple yet delicious.

I had a blood test this morning. Cholesterol and so on. I live 5 minutes from the hospital yet had to get there over an hour before they opened to make sure I didn't have an even longer wait once they did open. I took lots of things to read but ended up chatting with this bloke. He was 76 and had led a really full life. He'd been incredibly fit and had never drank or smoked but still had been plagued by heart trouble and stomach cancer. Made me wonder what the point of all of us trying to be healthy actually achieves.

It all seems so random. Some people can drink and smoke and live to be over 100 and yet others like this poor bloke can still suffer. OK, I know you should expect things to go wrong as you get older but it just doesn't seem fair.

Mind you, he did look very good for his age and was still able to drive.

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