Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Joe 90 

I used to love watching Joe 90 as a child. It wasn't my favourite Gerry Anderson series but, even if I don't remember any details apart from the basic concepts and a rather groovy flying car, I also don't remember disliking it.

I've had it on DVD couple of years now and I've watched two episodes. I find I don't like it. OK, it's aimed at children and I'm nearly 49 but that isn't the reason.

I find it disturbing. The whole premise of the show is that Joe becomes a secret agent when his dad invents a machine that can record people's thoughts and play them back into his son's brain. Joe is nine years old.

Can you imagine the psychological damage that would cause to a developing mind?

Not only does he acquire all sorts of espionage skills, including the ability to kill, but also, I can only assume, all the other adult baggage that floats around in grown-up minds.

I don't think many adults could cope with that. How could a nine-year-old?

And what sort of man does that to his son?

Charity shop? I have some DVDs for you.

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