Wednesday, February 02, 2011


The passage of time has always been a bit of a surprise for me. It's always with a sense of shock that I realise that it has been weeks since I have done a particular activity or months since I have spoken to someone.
I was particularly surprised to realise that this month marks the twentieth anniversary of my mother's death.
Twenty years.
That's nearly half my life. Yet if I think of the early nineties, the era seems recent like it was only a couple of years ago and not a couple of decades. People have been born and grown up in that time and yet it seems hardly the blink of an eye to me.
I suppose this is just evidence of getting older. Time passes. Each year of my life forms a smaller fraction of it and so passes more quickly. When I was 5, a year was a massive fifth of my life and each one is now little more than a fiftieth.
I'm not complaining. It's just the same for everyone else. It's just odd how we perceive time.
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