Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I live in a town called Orpington but work in central London. I need to take a train for half an hour to get to work. I don't mind the journey too much but sometimes I could kill the people I'm forced to share it with.

Today for instance, a woman got on the train a stop or two after mine and sat next to me. She spent the entire journey putting on her make-up and I don't mean a little bit of lipstick either. I lost count of the boxes she pulled out of her dinky little handbag. Peer in the mirror, smear this on, dab a bit of that, paint here, brush there. She'll need a pneumatic drill to get it all off. I tried jogging her but couldn't make it look like an accident.

I don't know why this annoys me. Perhaps I think that she should have done it at home. I don't, for instance, have a shave on the train or brush my teeth or trim my beard so why should this woman (and others!) be any different.

More train rants to follow... loud stereos... inane chatters... children and tourists at rush hour... grrrr!

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