Tuesday, October 05, 2004

More bad people 

I must come across as some mad psychopath who doesn't like anyone or anything. I'm not like that really. It's just I get very passionate about the inconsiderate people in society. People who put other people at inconvenience or even danger without the slightest realisation.

Today I took the tube from Charing Cross to Tottenham Court Road. It's only two stops but it saves me a 15 minute walk. Note for non-Brits: the tube is the London Underground. Anyhow, as usual the train is packed although a bad situation was made worse by two drama students carrying rucksacks strapped to their backs. Not large camping rucksacks admittedly but large enough to block people trying to get by. It didn't occur to them to take them off and hold them somewhere less inconvenient.

I carry a rucksack and I always make sure I take it off my back before I get on a crowded train. It makes it easier for me for a start but also means I don't get in the way of other people any more than I need to.

People have no sense when it comes to luggage on the tube. The worst offenders are people travelling with huge suitcases at peak times. Get a taxi!

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