Wednesday, April 13, 2005

9000 words and more 

At the last count I was up to 9,000 words. I'm probably a lot further than that but I am a couple of weeks behind with the typing. At a rough guess I've probably done another five or six thousand handwritten words on top of that but unfortunately neither my notebook or my pen come equipped with a word counter.

I've also started on a full chapter by chapter map of the book and some notes on each of the characters. I will need to write something for me to keep track of the plot threads that spring up. It's odd how characters and situations just seem to spawn new scenes and the need for other characters.

I had to spend the weekend doing other people's things. My lodger (also my oldest friend) moved out and I was helping him for most of Saturday. I was ill on Sunday and David had visitors so I didn't have much chance to do any typing then either. We are visiting some of his friends in Birmingham this weekend so I won't have much of a chance to write then either. I might take a day off to catch up.

My house also seems large and empty now that I have it to myself again. I need to do something with the spare room. I will not be getting another lodger for the time being. I might get a tumble dryer instead.

Definitely get a tumble drier. I have seen the error of my ways. Tumble driers rock.

I stumbled across your blog accidentally. V. amusing...

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