Monday, April 10, 2006

Annoyance 2 

I have to add something else on the train that annoys me ... girls (yes, I know, misogynist, blah, blah, get over it) who laugh when they speak even though what they are saying isn't especially funny. It's worse when the laugh is obviously artificial and, more importantly, AS IRRITATING AS HELL.

I think the laughers think that laughing in that self-deprecating way makes them sound innocent and carefree or perhaps charming. Try stupid.

The woman this morning laughed at the end of every spoken sentence. Her colleague, a man, did not laugh with her. She did not take this as a hint that nothing was funny. When he got off the train, she was quiet (hooray!) and started reading The Sun. Says it all really.

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You could've tried the ol' Douglas Adams routine...

YOU: Excuse me, there seems to be a problem with your voice.
HER: What?
YOU: You're breathing.
HER: That's not a problem.
YOU: It is from where I'm sitting. Here, let me tie a knot in your neck!

Hmmm. Maybe we should audition for the next series of "Grumpy Old Men"?
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