Monday, April 03, 2006

Hypochondria part one 

Is it me? Is it this country? Is it the germ ridden populace of this place? The trains filled with people coughing and spluttering their germs into air that cannot blow away?

I am ill again. This pisses me off.

I tried an on-line doctor the other day and put in all my symptoms. It told me I was overweight. No shit. It also mentioned a few other worrying things that may be the problem or may not. Anyhow, I have a few hypotheses I need to eliminate. I doubt any of the more serious and extreme possibilities that the on-line doctor suggested. I have yet to hear of any serious illness that causes weight-gain but I would be wise to get them eliminated.

I am not taking time off work to indulge my hypochondria so I shall go to the Medicentre in Oxford Street at lunchtime.

Thurs 14s 11lb 9964
Fri 14s 10.5lb 10399
Sat - 9831
Mon 14st 11.25lb 10943

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