Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Olympics 2012 

People are just beginning to realise that the 2012 Olympics need to be paid for and that the cost is going to be met from our taxes. There are also reports that we will be paying for the Olympics for a long time after 2012.

Now, I don't like to say I told you so, as I see I didn't, but for those people who might be reading this and to whom I ranted about this subject last year ... I TOLD YOU SO.

I can only see one substantial benefit from us hosting the bloody Olympics. Out of misplaced gingoistic sporting pride and so that we don't pull our usual trick of winning all the tin medals, we will, no doubt, be spending lavish amounts on new sporting facilities so that potential athletes can receive training that will give them some sort of chance. These facilites will hopefully be made available to the general British public, a generally unfit bunch who need every incentive they can get.

Perhaps that was the reason behind our government's enthusiasm for the event. I doubt it somehow.

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Oh, don't worry too much; I fully expect the rest of the UK will probably have to "koff" up some cash as well...
Shouldn't that be jingoistic and not gingoistic (sounds like a disease affectining ginger people...or is that gingervitis?)?
I know, I know, I'm as picky as you are...
Yes, yes, I've been ranting about these Games too. Didn't anyone figure out that an idea which unites Blair, Coe and Livingston MUST be a bad idea. Why should I pay - they didn't ask me if I wanted it? They won't be there to take responsibility in 8yrs time. We have an outstanding record for finishing major public infrastructure on time, don't we - Wembley, Cross-Link....and as for budget...
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