Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Paris – the last day 

After packing, a horrible job, we left the luggage at the hotel and took a walk. This took in a number of places we visited last time we were in Paris so we didn’t spend too long at them.

We had a quick look at the church of St-Eustache however, due to the poor light inside and my new-found reluctance to photograph the inside of religious places, I have rather more pictures of the sapeurs-pompiers (firemen) practising in the street than I have of the church. Part of the church was enclosed in scaffolding, where it was getting a well-deserved clean.

Then we went to Galeries Lafayette, a very large, very fashionable and very expensive shop. We bought nothing there but we went up to the roof terrace which had some spectacular views of Paris in the bright sunshine. It also had a very Art Deco atrium that was difficult to photograph as it was inside the female fashion department.

We tried to do the same at Printemps but their terrace was closed, unfortunately.

We popped into the Madeleine, another rather grand looking church that David had not seen before. Oddly, it has no windows but I wasn’t interested in taking photos inside. I was happy to sit and soak up the atmosphere.

After lunch we dropped in on Place Vendôme where I took more pictures but not many. I had filled up my main card and my backup card and I was now on my emergency backup memory card that is only large enough for eight pictures. Obviously I need another 1GB card before I go anywhere else.

Lastly, we dropped in on the garden of the Palais Royal, a courtyard garden with a fountain and some strange art exhibits, namely piles of silver balls and some striped columns.

Around all this we fitted in some shopping. David dropped in at the Opera house to buy a book on the place and I went to Celio to buy another couple of shirts. I bought one earlier at Les Halles and wanted another one.

I’m now sitting on the Eurostar, seeing the French countryside speed by the window on my way to the channel tunnel and the way home. Today’s step count is 16,674.

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I am Bertrand from Celio, in charge of marketing.

I am happy to read that you enjoyed your visit at one of the Celio' stores.

Did you knew that Celio had a blog to advice men on their clothing : www.vousleshommes.com It's only in French for the moment. Sorry ;-)

Elsewere, I am a bloger on the personnal side : www.lejournaldebjaubureau.com

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