Thursday, June 15, 2006

How rude! 

I haven't had a rant about the train for a week or so. I thought there was little to annoy me now. Oh how wrong.

Today the train was quite empty and by the time we got to Grove Park, there was only me and another guy in a group of six seats. I was sitting forward near the window and he was sitting face backward near the aisle. There were two seats next to him and two seats next to me.

Two women got on at Grove Park who were talking and sat in the same group of six seats. The sensible thing would have been for them to sit in the middle two seats opposite each other and talked. Or sat in the two seats next to me and talked. Or in the other two seats and talked.

Well, as I said, that would have been sensible. However, one sat next to me and the other opposite me and they talked diagonally across me, which I think is just about the rudest thing.

Surprisingly these were not part of the Grove Park Mother's Mafia or young girls who normally know no better but women of apparent intelligence a little older than myself.

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