Monday, June 12, 2006

I went shopping 

I bought a car on Saturday. I've been looking at changing my car for a while as it was starting to cost a bit to keep going. The air-conditioning in particular was costing a lot to fix and the exhaust seems to catch on speed-bumps.

I looked at three cars before deciding on my current choice: the Toyota Rav-4, Mercedes A-class and a newer Nissan Primera. I liked the Rav-4 because it was higher up (better for my back and the exhaust) but I decided against it when I sat in one and found I just didn't like it. I liked the Merc but thought it too expensive. The Nissan won because it was cheaper than the Mercedes, was comfortable and had plenty of gadgets. I would like to say that the selection of gadgets (sat-nav, rear-view camera, air-conditioning, automatic gears) had absolutely nothing to do with my selection but I would be lying. The little boy inside me who loves his toys had the last word.

I pick the car up next Saturday.

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