Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Look into my eyes 

The trip to the 2020 Optical Store was fun. Part of the eye-test involved them taking a picture of my retinas. I thought it looked really pretty, like a nebula, with lots of greens and reds. I was going to post the pictures here but then I thought better of it.

Call me paranoid but retinal scans, like fingerprints, have been touted as a biometric for identification. I'm not sure what anyone could do with a jpeg of my retinas but, just in case, I'd rather not show the WWW and his wife.

Just take my word for it, I have gorgeous retinas.

PS I got a new supply of contact lenses which appear to be so comfortable that I didn't feel them in my eyes.

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I wish I could say something more but can't get past your handsome face.
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