Wednesday, July 05, 2006


This morning I went to the dentist. Exciting, eh?

Afterwards I got back on the train and made my way on to London. Unlike my normal train I had to change at London Bridge as the next Charing Cross service wasn't for another half-an-hour.

At London Bridge there were loads of people waiting for the next Charing Cross train. Many, like me, eager to minimise my lateness to work, had gathered near to where the front-end of the train would be and, when the train arrived, that's where we got on. The front-end of the that carriage was designated as First Class and was guarded by a ticket inspector. This meant that this part of the carriage had three people in it while in the rest of the carriage we were squashed nose-to-armpit.

First-class carriages on commuter trains into London are an unnecessary indulgence and the train companies would be wise to remove them from service. All that the passengers get for their money is a slightly different coloured seat, albeit guaranteed, and the emnity of hundreds of their fellow commuters. I can see the benefits for longer journeys: better seating and refreshments for one thing and more room but for short commuter journeys into London it's stupid.

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