Thursday, July 27, 2006


I am having one of those days. No, not one of those days but one of THOSE days.

Last night, I tried to renew my subscription for my antivirus and antispyware software. I've done this before and it's not a major job. It should just be a matter of going to the website and paying for a download.

I did that but the software refused to believe I had paid.

So I tried to get support. No luck. It closes at 6pm and opens at 8am. So I had to wait until today to contact them. I can speak to someone using a pathetic little chat window or I can pay for telephone technical support. Pay! I'm not paying for support on a product I haven't been able to use since I bought it.

The women on the other end of that chat session (imagine, me having online chats with women!) seem to use nothing but automated scripts that stick my name at the end of every sentence. Automated politeness does not work.

They have had to delete my expired products and seem to think that what I have bought will now work. We will see.

On another equally annoying topic, my train was short of a carriage or two and there were tons of extra people on the train. I spent parts of the journey with some woman's hot fat arse on my shoulder, then another woman's rolled up paper digging into my upper arm.

I really was not happy.

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