Friday, July 21, 2006


On my walk to work from Charing Cross, I pass a very small park. Just recently the owners have put up some signs:

No Drugs
No Drink
No Bikes
No Dogs

While I agree with the sentiments, I'm not sure I agree with the wisdom of so many signs. For a start, those at whom the first two signs are aimed won't really give a toss as to whether a sign is there or not before they stick the needle in their veins. Likewise, the winos that grace the West End aren't going to be that bothered.

Anyone stupid enough to ride a bike in such a small park really won't be smart enough to read the sign and, well, we all know the old jokes about the reading abilities of dogs. This last one is probably the most appropriate as dog owners do have a choice of two areas in which they can exercise their pets. This sign really means "go next door".

So many unnecessary No signs always makes me think that they should be replaced by one sign that just says NO.

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