Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Value of Friendship 

I have introduced an ex-colleague, now a friend, to my bosses in the hope of getting her recruited. My aims are completely altruistic: we need someone with her talents and she would be an asset to the company. She is a very clever woman and thinks in the right sort of way for AI development.

There is a bonus scheme in operation here when you introduce someone to the company and they are recruited. I can honestly say that, although the money would be extremely useful, the bonus was not at the forefront of my mind (or anywhere else) when I suggested we should approach her.

I'm not sure I gave that impression when Alan, our CEO, mentioned the scheme but didn't know how much it was. Quick as a flash I said, "it's £500 on recruitment and then another £500 after a year, I think".

Well, I suppose it'll help pay for the car.

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