Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I forgot my iPod 

It's shocking to realise how much I've grown to depend on being able to drown out the noise from my fellow passengers. Last night I left my iPod on my desk at work and didn't realise until I was on the train.

I spent the journey sitting opposite a man who had just started a new job and had to tell all his ex-colleagues about it. Further along was a girl who was talking about the break-up of her relationship (I think - she wasn't at all upset) in one call and then about a holiday she had to delay because she couldn't afford the flights.

What annoyed me about both, apart from the volume, was the sheer affectation in the way they were speaking. Nobody speaks like that in real-life.

The girl spoke in a way that would be called "camp" in men but in women is called "soppy cow". It might also have been a bit "mumsy".

The man had this false jolly middle-class blokiness. I can't describe it but it's annoying. It's where you call a mate Mr So-and-so instead of Keith.

A lot of people put on acts when they talk to other people. Why?

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