Monday, September 18, 2006

Environment rambling rant thing 

I've been reading a lot of stuff in the press about the environment recently. There's a new film out (I forget the title) and councils up and down the country and becoming a bit heavy-handed about recycling (there's talk of fines) even though they are not really providing adequate facilities. At least Bromley isn't. Two boxes emptied every fortnight, one for paper and the other for bottles and tins, isn't enough.

I'm both better and worse now than I used to be about recycling. I recycle now purely because of the threat of a fine from the council. Isn't that shocking?

I used to recycle everything when I was younger and lived with my Dad. I carried on when I got my first house but became disillusioned with it when I moved. Why I should bother?

The council's collectors sometimes just don't bother to collect it. The local kids just through it all on the floor anyway, they don't even bother putting it the bin, let alone recyling it. And then there's America, a country so addicted to consumerism that its President cannot even acknowledge that there is a problem.

America's not the only one of course. No country is blameless. None of us in the UK could manage without cars or trains or planes or buses, could we? And don't start on the old trains don't pollute thing. Where does the electricity come from?

There's also a bit of me, actually quite a sizable bit, that is starting to think that it's all too little and too late. Climate change is happening and cannot be reversed. The world is changing. All we can do is maybe slow it a little and see what remains.

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