Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mahler 2 - Queen of the South 0 

Last night I went to see David sing in Mahler's second symphony. It was marvellous. Very moving. One part of it actually brought tears to my eyes.

In the words of Maureen Lipman in Educating Rita: "wouldn't you just die without Mahler?"

The concert was marred very slightly by the infantile antics of the Prommers. There's this thing where they stamp their feet to get the conductor to make another bow/perform an encore. Well, that's fine but you could see the poor man was tired and wanted to go home. He'd been waving his arms around for two hours straight and he wasn't young. And not to mention the usual "Arena to audience" blah-blah.

We were distracted from the latter by the arrival of a full unopened bottle of water from two balconies up that hit some poor woman on the head in the row behind us. It wasn't dropped - she was seven rows forward - it had to have been thrown. Was it any coincidence that Diane Abbot, the MP, was sitting a couple of rows ahead of her?

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Well, music like that attracts such yobs... it should be banned.


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