Thursday, September 14, 2006

A night at the opera 

Last night, David and I had free tickets to the opera. We saw Eugene Onegin performed by the British Youth Opera at the Peacock Theatre. The performance was good but I wasn't happy with either the venue or the other patrons.

It was small and hot. The parts of the theatre outside of the auditorium really could not cope with the numbers of people there and they did not help matters, gathering in clumps on stairs or in doorways. Everyone also seemed to know everyone else. Our path to the auditorium was blocked several times by people shouting "hello!" or "darling!" at each other. It seemed we had entered a very small and select world.

On the way home, I got a fast train, and, because there were no buses, I walked from the station. I watched lightning in the distance and hoped I would get home before the rain hit.

I didn't and it hit hard, very hard. Imagine sitting in a bath of cold water fully-clothed and you'll have some idea of how wet I was by the time I reached my house. I was wet. I had a coat but my shirt was still soaked. My boxers were soaked through as well.

Oh, joy.

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