Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Shock, horror! 

There are two relatively minor things that shock me. Of course, there are other things, bigger things that would (probably) shock me: public sex, violence and other stuff that my innocent little mind cannot even conceive. But there are these two things that other people might think were nothing yet I am always shocked. I am almost surprised that I am shocked.

The first is swearing. My attitudes to swearing have mirrored society's, largely, to the extent that I hardly notice these days if someone says f**k, s**t, bo****cks or w**k. I am always, however, disturbed, almost to the point of offense, by someone saying c**t. I don't know why. Perhaps it's because the word is usually said with such venom or maybe people who say it look a little dangerous. I don't know.

The second thing is that I am really shocked by pregnant women smoking. Yes, I know, it's their body, their choice, blah, blah, but, ..., well, it isn't. They are sharing a blood supply with their unborn child. They are poisoning their child with nicotine and storing up all sorts of health problems, and a nice little nicotine addiction, for the kid when its older.

I saw a pregnant member of the Grove Park Mother's Mafia smoking this morning. I was shocked. This particular mamafiosa always looked like the most sensible of the bunch, for one thing, as she always looked as pissed-off as I felt by the babblings of her sisters. Perhaps she wasn't as sensible as I thought. What a c**t.

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I have to retract my comment about the member of the Grove Park Mothers Mafia. She isn't pregnant.

She just looks pregnant.
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