Friday, October 20, 2006

Yo-yo beard 

Back in August, I said:

I'm starting to not like having a beard. I would shave it off or sculpt it down to a goatee but, now, that seems an even bigger step than growing it in the first place.

So, I shaved down to a goatee and didn't like it. So, I grew the beard back.

The problem is now that I'm going off my beard again.

I don't like the neckline. I don't like the thin patches. I really don't like the grey. And the whole beard is just not as dense as I would like. I'm also beginning not to like the way it feels.

Hardly any of those are new problems and have been there for most of the time I've had a beard (most of the last 7 years). And I have been told, more than once, to leave the neckline alone.

I'm not sure what I will do about this until I'm standing in front of the bathroom mirror tomorrow morning. My gut instinct is to shave it all off and stay clean-shaven for a couple of months until I am thoroughly sick of it and then grow the beard back in its entirety. No messing with necklines this time.

On the other hand, I might also just look at myself in the mirror, tell myself not to be so bloody silly and leave it alone.

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Off with it! Shave it all off! The worst that can happen is that you'll have to go through all that growing it again malarky. The sort of thing that stops me from going more than three or four days without shaving, these days!
I went for the "I'm being stupid" option and had a trim instead. The grey and the patches don't show up so much when the beard is short.

As I've said elsewhere, I've had a beard so long now that the thought of shaving it is quite scary.
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