Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bedford Building Site 

I work in a building based in Bedford Square. Earlier this year, Camden Council decided to change the layout of the Square so that the road was parallel to the buildings lining the square rather than follow the oval of the central garden area.

This was supposed to be finished in May but owing to Thames Water needing to relay all the sewerage and water pipes, completion was delayed until now. This has meant that Bedford Square has, for most of the summer, resembled a building site.

It's now at its worst. The road surfaces have been flayed in preparation for their resurfacing and huge great machines rumble back and forth, either stripping more road surface, laying more tarmac or making it flat.

Our building shakes every time one of these behemoths does its thing outside.

In addition, it is currently nearly impossible to get out of the Tottenham Court Road side of the Square. Either the road is roped off, the road is full large impressive machines or, an additional attraction, the pavement is blocked off because there is some scaffolding being taken down.

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