Thursday, November 02, 2006

Blog proliferation 

I've signed up to write a blog for one of my free local newspapers, The News Shopper. It's going to be a variant of the rants I have on here about the sub-humans on my train. I may have to tone it down a touch, however.

I also have to supply a photo of myself. I have this worry that the people on the train are more likely to see that blog than this one. The photo may have to be of me with a bag on my head. Probably an improvement in any case.

I wonder why I never thought of the people on the train seeing this blog? Why have I never thought that I would be found out by the Grove Park Mother's Mafia or the Two Russian Poofs or the countless women with bags, women with make-up, women with perfume, Woman with Tweezers, Male Fashion Victim or ...

And those are just the people I don't like! It's never seemed right to pass comment on the cuter men on the train. You can trust that they won't make an appearance in the NS blog either.

I will post a link here when the NS blog is up and running.

What a great idea... I wonder if I can steal it? And persuade some local rag to publish it...
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