Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Orange not-so-Magic Numbers 

I have been a customer of Orange for longer than I can remember. I have been happy with their service. Today I am annoyed with them.

To encourage customers to sign up with their service and to encourage existing customers to stay with them for a further 18 months, they have been advertising a scheme called Magic Numbers. The idea is that you can nominate another Orange phone number and all calls to that number from your Orange phone will be free.

Nice idea. David is on Orange. I could call him on his mobile rather than on the land-line and save myself some money.

Nice idea if I could set it up.

I tried a month ago when I upgraded my phone. The system was not working. I upgraded the phone anyway and was told to wait until my new talk plan started (a month later). Also I was told I could do it online. Fine.

Here we are, a month later. My contract is now based on the Dolphin plan and I should be free to set David up as my Magic Number. The Orange web site tells me there is a technical problem and that I should try again later.

Calling them to set it up gives me a similar message and sticks me on infinite hold to talk to a customer representative about it.

Clearly there is a problem with this system. Orange should not have publicised this until it was finished and properly tested. In the meantime, people have signed up with Orange or extended their contracts on the basis of something that Orange are not able to deliver.

A bit shoddy if you ask me.

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