Saturday, March 24, 2007

Barcelona part 6 

I am sitting on a plane waiting for it to take off as I write this. I am using pen and paper. I will shortly be going home.

The captain has announced that we are being delayed because a man has been delayed at the gate and he will not be boarding. The captain didn’t say why but he added that the delay was due to the man’s bag being removed from the hold.

It is good to see that security is being taken seriously, even if it is at the expense of personal convenience.

I had a bottle of water in my bag when I went through security. It was a free one I picked up from the meeting just before I left, intending to drink it before I reached security but I had forgotten all about it until it was picked up on the X-ray. I didn’t mind that so much. They were actually quite apologetic.

I did get a bit annoyed at their insistence that we take off belts and watches before walking through the metal detector. Not so much that even but the way we were not given time to put them back on afterwards. We had to pick up our boxes and scurry away to some tiny tables at the side. That part of the process lacked a little organisation.

On balance, however, I would prefer to be annoyed than in little pieces in the air above Europe.

Incidentally, my window overlooked the baggage hatch and I could see them unloading the man’s bag. By the way they threw it about, I don’t think they were that worried about it containing explosives.

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