Sunday, March 25, 2007

What's the time? 

This blog entry has been through a series of titles in my head before settling on classic simplicity:

Time, Gentlemen, Please!
It's about time
Daylight Spending
The Reluctant Time-traveller
What's the time, Mr Wolf?

My beef is about daylight saving time. Or rather not about that per se but daylight saving time combined with travel to other time zones. In short, I feel like Sam Beckett on elastic.

Incidentally, I would have said Dr Who on elastic there but, feeling pedantic this morning, I thought that should really be The Doctor on elastic and that didn't scan. So I used an example of another time traveller. Did I ever mention my penchant for over-analysis?

As detailed in my over-abundance of blog entries, I have been to Barcelona in the last week. This meant I leapt forward an hour into another time zone last Tuesday but forgot and went to bed at the normal time meaning I was knackered on Wednesday. I did a similar thing on Thursday after the group dinner when I completely lost track of time and went to bed at 1.30 thinking it was 12.30. In my defense, I was a little drunk, and had been fending off hordes of prostitutes. Hmm, hordes of whores? No, perhaps not.

I came home and for a day the clocks were the way they were before I went away but this morning the clocks slipped forward an hour again.

So, what's the time? Don't ask me.

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