Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I've just been looking through my blog logs. I can get some idea from them about numbers of visitors and how they managed to find my blog and other websites, e.g. from Google or a direct link or whatever.

My blog is apparently listed on a blog share market, which was news to me. It's not trading drastically well but better than my writing blog, which wasn't even listed, or my dream diary blog.

I haven't bothered to look at the logs for this too often. It's not a blog I publicise too highly as I don't believe anyone would be at all interested in the odd things my brain dishes up for my entertainment at night or my attempts to make sense of them. There's nothing private in any of my dreams.

However, I was surprised to see that there have been a few people visiting that blog. Not masses but a few.

They will have seen my accounts of being chased by a werewolf or going on a coach trip to Mars (from Orpington) or having sex with the man who I caught in bed with my fictional wife.

God, they must think I'm weird!

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