Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No more beard forum 

I decided to leave the BCBB, the beard forum I have been a member of for the last two or three years.

My friend Glyn posted a goodbye message to the board today and, after a little thought, I followed suit. I have been edging towards this decision for quite a while. I have removed the board from my favourites list, for instance, and deleted it from the links page on my website. All I needed was a final catalyst to finalise my decision and Glyn’s exit has provided that.

I haven’t really felt properly part of the board for a while and I have become increasingly annoyed with the dominance of a few people who respond to any and all posts and then send each other silly messages that are completely off topic.

I have also become annoyed at the “trimming is evil” mantra adopted by the same group. Some people suit and want a long beard. Some people don't. Some people don't like being lectured when they do trim.

If anyone from the board is reading this, I have deliberately avoided posting these comments on the board as I wanted to avoid kicking off yet another set of arguments.

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