Sunday, April 08, 2007


Sometimes there are things that you have to work hard for to make them happen.

Sometimes there are things that you are desperate to make happen but the more you try the more they slip away.

It is never possible to predict which approach to take and it is easy to muck it up.

I often try too hard at the things where I really shouldn't and don't try hard enough where I should.

The UK is going through a phase of reality-TV talent shows. Last year we cast the lead for The Sound of Music by TV and this year it is the turn of Joseph on one channel and Grease on the other.

I was half watching both of them earlier.

While the Joseph show seemed to be conducted fairly sensitively, the Grease show seemed to delight in showing the misfits, the people who were trying too hard but really didn't have a hope of getting anywhere and where trying harder only made them seem more ridiculous.

Those people made me cringe because they reminded me of myself. Oh, I could never go on stage and sing or dance as they did. Those dim lights of mine will forever be hidden under the largest darkest bushels you will ever see. But I know I can try too hard at certain areas of my life, just like those people, and make just as big a fool.

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