Monday, May 14, 2007

Eurovision conclusions 

Well, we didn’t win. Quelle surprise. I didn’t expect us to do so badly though. If it hadn’t been for Malta (12 points!!!!!) and Ireland we would have had nil points again. That would have been a grand shame as there was no way that Scooch were as bad as Jemini (our previous nil-pointer – that was the year one of our singers was spectacularly flat).

There is a huge political element to the ESC. Not only do countries vote for their neighbours (oh yes, they do) but we lose out on votes because of our presence in Iraq.

That still doesn’t explain why the other real European countries got nowhere and some of the Johnny-come-latelies made it to the top ten. Not everyone is as involved in Iraq as we are and not all the Western songs were crap.

Something needs to change. The voting system needs a real shake. One person, one vote would be a start.

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I'm sorry - the UK's entry really was that bad and deserved nil points. It was the worst sort of half-assed Euro-pop, and on that from wasn't up to the standard of the gloriously bonkers Ukrainian entry.

I'd hoped that after Lordi's win last year, more countries would be encouraged to try something 'a bit different', but the only one I heard that fell into that category was Bulgaria's caterwauling percussionist (who would have got my vote).

Oh well, maybe the the great British public will develop a bit more of an adventurous taste for next year.
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