Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Found: one brain 

It’s amazing what a difference the effect of the type of work I am doing has on me.

For a large chunk of the last few months I have been mainly writing requirements and design documents for the next phase of work I am about to undertake. Just recently I have actually started coding again. That's programming to the uninitiated.

I forgot how much stimulation I get from it. This is the reason I am still a programmer at 42. I love it. I feel alive again. I can think again My brain is working. I can actually lose myself in my work and not be distracted by the least thing. The day passes like a flash instead of like elephants wading through treacle.

I know that makes me sound like the biggest, geekiest geek going but I don’t care. I have got my brain back. You know in Red Dwarf where Holly’s IQ goes down to 6 and then up to 6 million. I feel a bit like that.

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