Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sponsored Walk 

Today, I am taking part in the bi-annual sponsored walk for St Christopher's Hospice. They looked after my mother in the last few weeks of her life and gave the rest of our family some much needed support during that time.

I have decided that I am going to walk the longest of the four courses they have on offer. That's 11 miles. It will, as I have mentioned in many other places, be a challenge.

I am four years older than the last time I walked it, I am at least two stone overweight, I have not been to the gym for nearly seven months, and, lastly, I am just getting over guttate psoriasis which will mean that parts of me aren't going to like walking for several hours with all the potential chafing that involves.

Anyway, that's the excuses over. I think that if I take if at a comfortable pace, I should have too much of a problem.

I plan to take my small digital camera with me and use it to make a video diary which I will post on YouTube. Watch that space...

By the way, late donations will be welcome, if this link is still active, click on it and give them some money.

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