Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Exploding eye 

Wonderful! (note the use of the ironic exclamation mark again - far superior to the standard one)

My eye has exploded again. Or, rather, I have another subconjunctival haemorrhage.

It is supposed to be nothing to worry about and that it looks a lot worse than it actually is. Mine looks a lot worse than that one in the Wikipedia article. Part of my eye looks like it is made out of raw meat.

Usefully, the Wiki article lists some reasons. Some time ago, I was told by a doctor, after I complained of getting cold after cold that I should try ginseng to boost my immune system. [I was also tested for the obvious with negative results]. I also read that garlic was good for the same thing. So I have been taking both.

According to the Wiki article, both are blood-thinners and may cause subconjunctival haemorrhage if combined with heavy sneezing (can't help that - it is hayfever season). Sneezing causes sudden but temporary increases to blood-pressure and that is already slightly higher than it should be. I measured it this morning.

So, yet again, I have to start looking at my diet and exercise regime but for a start I have thrown away the ginseng.

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