Thursday, June 14, 2007

Psoriasis update 

My guttate psoriasis seems to have gone for the time being! I can wear short-sleeved shirts again.

If you're looking at this because you have found this blog while searching for information on guttate psoriasis then I'd better tell you what I know and why I think it went away:

  1. Homeopathy - I am convinced this was the biggest contributor. The spots started to disappear soon after I was given a remedy. Unfortunately, my homeopath never tells me the names of the remedies that she gives me so I can't tell you but you might consider speaking to a homeopath for help.

  2. Ointment - I was given two. I used one, a vitamin D based ointment, in the morning and the other, a coal tar preparation, in the evening. This was because it was messy and would stain clothes. Moisturising with aqueous cream before applying the oimtmnet helped as well. Where something for bed that you don't mind getting dirty. Unfortunately coal tar does stain rather badly. I accidentally squished a huge blob of it on my duvet cover and it looks like I suffered a completely different sort of accident. Leave a comment and I will post the names of the ointments. I don't have them with me unfortunately.

  3. Reassurance - being told by someone who knows what he's talking about (e.g. a dermatologist) who can confirm that it is guttate psoriasis can help a great deal. My stress levels dropped a lot when I saw my GP (who is also a dermatologist) and he confirmed that it wasn't anything to worry about. Being less stressed about the condition probably helped it on its was as much as anything else. Knowing as well that it never goes higher than the neck is a great help as well.

  4. Guttate psoriasis can disappear of its own accord after weeks or sometimes months. This can be a very reassuring and helpful thought.

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