Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Congratulate me! 

Last night I was kept awake by a bit of stomach pain at about three in the morning. As there was an accompanying burning sensation in my guts and a sort of feverish feeling, I was a bit concerned and resolved to type my symptoms into the Internet to see what I had wrong with me. There's nothing like middle of the night illness to prompt all sorts of worries, is there?

Anyway, just now I went to WrongDiagnosis.com and entered the closest to what I had, which turned out to be abdominal swelling, regurgitation (not quite but there was no reflux listed) and hot flushes.

Turns out I'm pregnant!

There was me thinking I'd been eating too much or had drunk too much tea. I suppose they're not called WrongDiagnosis.com for nothing.

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