Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bionic Woman 

Despite being on the wrong side of the Atlantic, I managed to catch the first episode of the new Bionic Woman last night.

It wasn't too demanding and fairly enjoyable. I'm not sure how it will develop or whether I will want to watch further episodes. It wasn't as good as Battlestar Galactica despite coming from the same stable and borrowing two cast members (Katee Sackhoff and Aaron Douglas) but it had the same dark feel to it.

It probably says a lot that I was able to suspend disbelief for most of the episode apart from one scene and that was the rather gratuitous sex scene.

Apart from it being rather noisy (think of the noise made by someone who eats with their mouth open and you'd be getting the right idea), I was questioning the wisdom of the act in itself.

One of the characters was the bionic woman herself and the other her boyfriend, who also happened to be the man who gave her the new legs and arm. Now, imagine if you had recently operated on your loved one and given them new very strong limbs. You've just had a number of discussions with your beloved about the new limbs and have, in particular, talked about how they will need getting used to.

In essence, your loved one does not yet fully know to use their new electronic body parts. With the new strength that the new limbs give, there should really be a period of settling in and of coaching so that the new limbs are used as naturally as the old.

Is it therefore a good idea to allow this lethal weapon, however close to your heart it may be, into your bed to play with your tender bits?

It's no good her saying, "sorry, it came away in my hand," is it?

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But it would be funny if it did... well, not for him, obviously.
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