Monday, October 01, 2007


Last week I had a rush of hits to my blog. By most people's standards there weren't very many but 19 in one day is quite a few for me. What's odd is that most seem to be coming to me via the spurious Beard Scotland search in Google which, at the time of writing, puts my blog at the top of the list of websites found.

I expect for many people looking for beards in Scotland, my blog is a bit of a disappointment. My blog is not about beards nor is it set in Scotland. The picture I have for my blog profile just happens to be called BeardScotland because it is a picture of me with a beard while I was in Scotland on holiday.

The number of hits here does seem to be fairly random however. After last week's giddy heights, I'm now down to worse than usual with either no hits or just one per day for the last few days.

People are just so fickle.

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