Saturday, December 08, 2007

Doctor Who, the Titanic and Christmas 

I have misgivings about the forthcoming Christmas episode of Doctor Who. I am a fan of Doctor Who but I also have a deep and ambiding interest in the Titanic disaster. I have a conflict of interest.

I have a bad feeling that I will be watching the show on Christmas Day muttering "no, it wasn't like that" every five seconds. I'm already disappointed to see that there is a character called Captain Hardaker in it. Unfortunately, the Titanic's captain was called Smith.

There are details and there are details. Getting worked up because the rivets on C deck are the wrong size is one thing but if the writer's haven't bothered to research something as basic as the name of the Captain then that's something else. No matter what happens with the fantastical elements of the story, the Titanic was a real ship, crewed by real people and they should be named correctly in the story.

Getting names wrong is sloppy.

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Assuming of course that the captain referenced IS indeed the captain of the Titanic, that the ship in the show IS indeed the actual Titanic and if it IS a drama about the collision with the iceberg. However, I very much doubt the last which makes me wonder just how much about the "real" Titanic it's going to be. I suggest you actually wait till the episode's shown before jumping to conclusions about them getting the captain's name wrong!
Thank you for your anonymous comment. Indeed, I have made all of those assumptions but left them unstated for the sake of brevity.

There are a countless ways in which the writer(s) could have a Captain Hardaker commanding the Titanic. The Doctor could unmask some meddling by realising that the Captain should be Smith, for instance. It could be a recreation of the Titanic or some sort of simulation. Or there could be a Captain Hardaker as a passenger.

Or, they could have got the captain's name wrong. If they have, I won't be impressed.

We will find out on Christmas Day.
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