Monday, January 21, 2008

Christmas Shopping 

I usually wait until December until I start my Christmas shopping but this year I am going to be really really early. I already have my Christmas cards!

They were, of course, going to be the cards I sent out last year. I saw some really nice cards on the Internet and thought they’d make nice original cards to send out to friends and family. Trouble is that I would need to get them sent over from the States. Fine, I thought, it’s only November; the cards should arrive in plenty of time.

The confirmation email gave a delivery date of December 7th. Fine, I thought. Ages.

December 7th. No cards. 8th – no cards. 9th, 10th, 11th… They didn’t arrive by Christmas. So I contacted the company I ordered the cards from and told them about the no-show. They were extremely apologetic and said they would send some more.

The replacements arrived this week and that’s when I found out what happened. The cards arrived December 12th. However, they weren’t delivered here because there was a customs charge on the package. A little card was delivered in its place. That little card was put in our pigeonhole, already crammed to the gills with a colleague’s “filing”, rendering it invisible.

Last week I was told that there was a delivery note and went looking for it in the pigeonhole but when I got to my desk THERE WAS ANOTHER ONE! The one from the pigeonhole was the one for the parcel from December 12th. The one on my desk was the replacement.

I could do nothing about the earlier parcel as the post office only keep them for three weeks but I paid the custom’s charge on the latest parcel and received the cards today. Not only are these the most expensive Christmas cards I have ever bought but also the earliest. If you receive one in, ooh, about 11 months, feel very honoured.

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