Monday, January 28, 2008

I’ve been shopping… 

On Friday, I bought myself a new iPod Nano. I’ve had one for the last 2 years and been very happy with it. However, the screen needs to be replaced and I have too many CDs to fit into 4GB.

The new one is pretty much the same as the old one except that the device itself is a lot smaller, the screen is bigger, the interface slicker and the memory larger. That last was the important one although the other three were good too. Everything else works the same, even the headphones, the connection to my PC and iTunes.

The games, although I don’t plan to use them very often, are a lot better than on my first iPod. The best game on that was a rather clunky version of patience whereas the new one has a flash looking 3-D breakout game.

I had only three criticisms of the new iPod…

Firstly, the time setting insisted that London is on GMT + 1 even now in January. That is wrong. In fact, no country appears to have its time in GMT and time zones switch, like BC to AD, from GMT-1 to GMT+1 with nothing in between.

Secondly, the clicker (the iPod can make a click as it steps through a menu) was either on or off. My old iPod allowed me to have the clicker off, on through the loudspeaker or on through the earphones.

Thirdly, the hold switch, which prevents accidental adjustments to volume or track selection, has been inconveniently moved to the bottom of the device from the top. It’s also a lot more fiddly to use.

I’m glad to say that the first and second of these was fixed with the update the iPod received on its first sync with iTunes so good on Apple there. They were minor points but they were bugging me. I expect more of Apple.

The third one I have to put up with and will get used to the new switch in time.

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