Monday, January 28, 2008

Jill Sobule again! 

I was left a comment for my last posting on Jill that led me to her website where I bought some albums of hers that I have not yet heard. I also downloaded a recording of a concert she made last year in a place called Joe’s bar.Wonderful stuff. I wish she’d do something in London.


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I'm glad my links were of help. I have a friend who used to live in England; she feels Jill should tour England if only because her dry sense of humor would be better understood in the UK. Looking at the tally board -- for fans donating to Jill's next record (http://www.jillsnextrecord.com/toteboard-byregion.asp) -- I see that the UK seems to really like Jill!

And Jill is such a sweetheart. I just open my E-mail and saw one from Jill's personal E-mail address titled "Jill Hearts Vincent" -- thanking me for my support. That's so Jill!

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