Monday, January 21, 2008

Virgin bloody media 

I rang VM today to ask when my phone line would be repaired. The guys that visited the other day did nothing but draw on the path and tell me a work crew would have to call but they haven't yet, hence the call.

The first operator I was connected with was in one of the overseas call centres. I had such difficulty making myself understood that in the end I hung up and called again. This policy of having overseas call centres is just hopeless. What is the point?

This makes me sound like an arch-racist but I don't think I am. When you have a problem it is essential that you speak to someone who understands what you are saying - all of what you are saying, not one word in seven, or one word in two or even 9 words out of ten.

I tried to explain that all I wanted was to find out when my phone line would be repaired. I wasn't asking if it could be repaired or that I wanted to find out if there was a problem with my phone lines. I already knew that there is a problem, what the problem is and how VM intend to fix it. All I needed to know when it would happen.

I did not need someone putting me on hold for minutes at a time while he asked his colleagues what I meant. Nor did I need someone needlessly try to re-diagnose the problem for me.

I hung up when he wanted to test the line. What would be the point of that? I'm at work for a start and the fault is intermittent. Sometimes it rings but with heavy interference and sometimes it's engaged.

When I spoke to someone in the UK, he actually understood, and listened and called me back to give me more details. I actually made a complaint about the overseas call centre. Not about the guy in person but about the policy. It's crap.

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