Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Virgin Media 

Tomorrow I will be working from home so that I can be around while Virgin Media's cowboys repair my phone lines. According to the engineer who called a couple of week's back, the lines were probably damaged when my next door neighbour had a similar repair. I will remember to warn her in case her lines go again.

I have never been happy with the service I get from Virgin Media / NTL / Cable & Wireless / Nynex. They took ten weeks to get my TV, telephone and broadband set up when I moved house. They lost Sky One. And they will not correct the address for one of my neighbours.

I keep getting a bill for a Mrs L Sharr living at my address. Only she doesn't. She probably lives at number 38. Only Virgin Media will not change the address because of the Data Protection Act, something that is intended to stop information getting into the wrong hands.

I have called them. I have sent the bills back. I have tried to talk to Mrs L Sharr. I have posted the bills through her letter box. I have, on Virgin Media's advice, written to Virgin Media to ask them to stop.

And I still get her bill. As well as being frustrating, because they are forcing me to do something about this each month, it's also a concern. How do I know that this woman will not result in me getting a bad credit rating if she decides not to pay?

The only way I can see to get something done about this is to threaten to disconnect. That usually gets results.

However, they are such a bunch of arses, I might actually go ahead with it this time.


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