Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mother’s Day 

At about this time of year I get reminders from all sorts of establishments reminding me that it’s Mother’s Day soon (in the UK) and that I should spoil her.

Well, I would love to, I really would. Nothing, and I mean this, nothing would give me more pleasure than to see my mother and give her an enormous bunch of flowers, spoil her rotten and tell her how much I love her. Unfortunately, my mother died in 1991. It’s a long time ago but still something I’d rather not have slapped in my face each year.

I’m not unique. Hundreds, thousands, millions of people have lost one or both parents. A friend of mine lost his mother only a few weeks ago. All of us, but especially him and all the other people so recently bereaved, could really do without this cynical marketing exercise.

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I feel the same when it comes to Father's Day later in the year - having saved 37 years worth of father's day cards and presents doesn't compensate for not having to have given them.
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