Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Virgin Media - part 1,398 

I have a phone line again. The Virgin Media man came to see me and did a repull. Whatever that is.

Interestingly, he was meant to be a two-man crew but I counted and there definitely was only one of him. He was also supposed to be digging up the path but he didn't need to do that. He also had no idea what he needed to be doing because his work docket only gave the barest information possible.

He did his job and I can receive calls from the outside world. I still cannot make outgoing calls, however, on either line. I am still blocked and, according to customer services, will still be blocked for possibly another 24 hours. The balance on my account is currently zero, thankfully.

What remains to be seen is whether the anomalous usage of my line while I had no phone line has been sorted out with the repull or whether it will return and I have another bill for over £400.

What is in no doubt at all is that I will never use Virgin Media again and would never recommend them to anyone. When I next move house, they will not be coming with me and, if I feel it's worth the bother, I will terminate my account with them.


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